It seems like we're always playing games here at All-stars - card games that is!  We have the widest selection & best prices around on Magic the Gathering & Pokemon cards, accessories & supplies.  We sell singles, booster packs & boxes, decks, special editions, supplies...you name it!  All at the best prices in the region!  

We are presently hosting no fewer than 4 Magic the Gathering tournaments in our store each & every week, with plans for even more events in the making.  We have a super-nice community of Magic players ready to challenge your skills, so why not come & see how you match-up with some of the friendliest players in our area?  If you have any questions or confusion, these guys & gals will be happy to help you with your game!  We preach (& expect) kindness, courtesy & honestry in our MTG community, all others nweed not apply!

All of our Magic events are DCI-Sanctioned (aka "official").  If you're not a DCI member no sweat, we'll sign you up when you come to play (free).  We generally play a low-key booster draft tourney every Wednesday evening at 6:15 pm ($15). Only basic knowledge of the game is required - no need to even bring cards. On Friday evenings at 6:15 we continue a 20+ year tradition of playing FNM (Friday Night Magic) in our store.  We are currently playing the "Pioneer" format on Fridays - a new, relativelty inexpensive constructed format.   Just pop by, enter, & you're ready to roll!  There are 1.5 BOOSTERS PER PLAYER in our draft prize pools, 2.5 PER PLAYER in our constructed pools!!  We have nice prize pools at all of our events & every player wins at least one booster regardless of how they do!  Finish with a winning record & you'll take home multiple booster packs!

Every weekend we hand our tables over to COMMANDER players - Come in any time & pit your Commander deck against those of our other players!  No charge to play Commander. Please consider making at least a small purchase while attending our weekend Commander events, as they are FREE to join into!

In addition to our normal events, we go all-out & throw great parties whenever a new Magic set comes out.  First there's our GIANT PRERELEASE WEEKENDS, held the weekend prior to each release day in our retail store & the massive Oxford Valley Mall Community Room.  Prereleases give players a super preview of the new cards & a chance to play with them before they even relase to the general public!  Click HERE for the latest details on our next Prerelease Weekend!

The following Friday is always release day, and we celebrate the new set's arrival with yet another bash, the LAUNCH PARTY in our store! 

Want to get a leg-up on the newest booster product?  Ask us about Buy-a-Box promotions & all the bonus fun that goes with pre-ordering a box from All-Stars Collectibles!
Magic the Gathering Cards & Events
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All-Stars is an original Wizards of the Coast Premier Store and Advanced-Plus Level Tournament Location!  2019 will be our 25th year selling Magic the Gathering! We host in-store Magic tournaments several times weekly!  We also host MTG Pre-Releases, Launch Parties & more!  If you're a mature player that can get along in a friendly and sometimes competitive environment, come on down & join the fun here at All-Stars!

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As we refuse to jeapordize the health of our customers & employees, in-store & Community Room play has been terminated until the Wizards of the Coast ban is lifted AND we deem it safe to host indoor events again.

We appreciate your cooperation & understanding - we WILL get through this Coronavirus crisis, and we WILL have a blast playing Magic the Gathering in our store as soon as it is safe to do so.

Warren Wolk, Owner